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Providing friendly, professional, & affordable office clean out in Phoenix, AZ.

Does your office space resemble a cluttered maze more than a productive workspace? It’s a common challenge. But here’s the good news: Intergalactic Junk Removal is here to transform your office into a pristine, clean work haven with our OFFICE CLEAN OUT services. Whether your office is in dire need of decluttering, furniture removal, or an overhaul, we’ve got the solution.

The Office Troubles

 We understand that managing office clutter can be overwhelming. It’s not just about removing items; it’s about creating a clean and organized workspace that boosts productivity. At Intergalactic Junk Removal, we specialize in office cleanouts that go beyond simple removal. We’re dedicated to helping you create a more efficient workspace.

Say goodbye to the clutter; we’ll take it from there. Whether it’s outdated office furniture, stacks of paperwork, or the dreaded office fridge clean-out notice, we’ve got it covered.

The Art of Office Cleaning

Cleanliness is key to a productive office, and we’re experts at it. At Intergalactic Junk Removal, we’re not just about removal; we’re committed to cleaning offices and ensuring you have a spotless, organized space to work in.

Elevating Your Workspace

A clean and organized workspace is the cornerstone of productivity, and we understand its importance. At Intergalactic Junk Removal, we go beyond removal; we take pride in transforming your office into a pristine oasis. Our expertise lies in creating a workspace that’s not just clean but also perfectly organized, setting the stage for enhanced productivity and efficiency.

Beyond Office Cleanouts

 At Intergalactic Junk Removal, we’re more than just office cleaning. We provide a comprehensive range of services to simplify your office life. From commercial junk hauling to furniture removal, we’re your trusted partners in creating a productive, organized office space.

Let us take the trash out of your world! Contact us at 602-689-1888 for a free office cleanout quote now.

Looking For A Phoenix Office Clean Out Service?

We'll Do The Work

We make life easier by getting rid of office supplies you no longer need. we got the gear, the crew, and tracks to haul away any amount. Save your back and let us handle all of the heavy work and lifting for you.

Save Money & Time

If you have a busy office and need it cleaned out quickly to get you back to work, we are the crew to call. We are a fast and efficient crew. We will save you money by clearing things out quickly and save you more with our affordable disposal fees.

Fast & Friendly Service

We make it our goal to make working with us a breeze. we make things hassle free by being friendly, professional, and always being fast and on time with our work. Our goal is to provide 100% customer satisfaction with all of our work

Intergalactic Junk Removal

Our Office Clean Out Services

All Types Of Cleaning

Complete Office Clean Out

We can help with all types of office cleanups. Whether you are completely overhauling office space or remodeling an entire office, we can help with a lot of the cleanup and Hauling of extra junk. We can help haul away old desks, chairs, in a bunch of leftover garbage.

Small Or Large Offices

We can help clean up with single offices or entire rooms full of cubicles. Our crew is fully equipped and has the manpower to load up cubicle walls and properly dispose of electronic items like old PC monitors, printers, and wiring.

Classrooms & Conference Areas

We can also help clean out very large spaces. These include classrooms and large conference areas. We offer a five-star rated service on all of our services and this includes all of our office cleanup services. We even sweep up areas when we are done removing large items.

How Our Process Works...

Step #2

Text us a picture of your junk. We maybe able to give you an estimate right there and then! If not, we can swing by and give you an estimate

Step #3

If you like your quote, we will schedule a day and time to head out and collect your junk. We do our best to accommodate your schedule.

Step #4

We arrive. You sit back & relax. Our professional team will pick up, secure, & haul away your junk! We'll take payment when we are done.