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Providing friendly, professional, and affordable rock and dirt removal in Phoenix AZ for homeowners and businesses.

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It is certainly not easy to load up a large pile of rocks or dirt on your own. We have the tools, the manpower, and the tralers to haul away just about any pile.

Save Money & Time

Don't just save your back, save time and money with our phoenix rock & dirt removal service. We load it up quick and offer competitive prices on hauling it away.

Fast & Friendly Service

Yo wlll also want to deal wiht a service that is easy to work with and friendly. We strive to be the go-to company for alltypes of hauling and make it our mission to be easy to work with and super friendly.

Intergalactic Junk Removal

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Rock Removal Phoenix

Fixing up or changing the landscape of your yard? Got rocks that need to go? No job is too big or small for our team. We've got you covered from the removal of large boulders, small or large piles of rocks lying around in your yard, and moving them elsewhere.

Dirt Removal Phoenix

Dirt Removal

If there is one thing that Phoenix AZ has plenty of, that thing is dirt.We can help load up and remove unwanted piles of dirt off of your property. Our crew is ready to shovel, wheel barrow, and load up piles of dirt to make room for your change in landscape.

Dirt Removal Service Phoenix

Landscape Rock Removal

Landscape rock removal is a service we offer here in Phoenix. The one thing that almost every yard has. If you're looking to be different from your neighbors and get rid of those little rocks all over the place, then call us up here at Intergalactic landscape rock removal because our experts can help out with whatever needs doing on this front for you.

What To Expect With Our Rock & Dirt Removal Service…

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Don't wait! Call today for your 100% FREE estimate on removing dirt & rock off your property.

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We'll give you a FREE no-obligation estimate as well as the day of when we can come load up the rock & dirt for you.

Step #3

Just sit back and relax as our professional team shovels, loads, and hauls it all away! We'll take payment when we are done.

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If you’re looking around for a  junk removal service that offers rock & dirt removal in Phoenix, look no further than here. We are a one-stop-shop for removing items, big or small. We’ll ba happy to clear your yard for a new landscape design. Call today to schedule you in.

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We here at Intergalactic Junk Removal are committed to become the go-to junk removal service in Phoenix, AZ. Outta Space? Call us today. We take your trash out of your world!

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